Another Online Buy – Nude Eyelet Frock

Another Online Buy – Nude Eyelet Frock

received my eyelet frock on sat, reached me quite prompt i would say.
comes with a petticoat, FOC~
i like the petticoat!
anyway, here’s my review for the eyelet frock, i wonder why does it look so preggy on me??
what did BC do when Beatrice was wearing it??
anyway i have sold the dress, blame on my petite figure! =(


6 thoughts on “Another Online Buy – Nude Eyelet Frock

      • maybe ask ur SO and see if he likes u wearing the dress? if he doesn’t find it pong pong, and doesn’t feel that the dress is making you look meaty/preggy, then you keep it lor since it is fitting on u, unlike mine, loose and pong pong on me. =)

      • hi may i ask what’s your height?
        cos i am considering buying it from a seller
        but this looks long although it looks alright on the model
        go get back to me thanks alot for ur help 🙂

      • hihi!
        i am only 1.6m.
        the dress is supposed to be of the shorter version, 31.5 or 32 inches iirc. but not sure why it looks long on me. i have probably pulled it down too much when wearing it.

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