Dr Hauschka Eye Solace

Dr Hauschka Eye Solace

this refreshing compress is ideal for eyes that appear red, swollen, strained or tired. Eyebright, fennel and black tea extracts combine to revive the eyes. Eyes feel rested, soothed and renewed.

How to use:
Use as a compress.
Making sure liquid is at the bottom of ampule, twist off top. (the reason as to why you must make sure the liquid is at the bottom is to avoid spillage while twisting off the cap)
Divide one cosmetic pad and empty contents of one ampule onto the pads. (i used two cotton pads, one on top of another, then pour the ampule onto both sides of the cotton pads)
Place one pad over each closed eyelid and rest, allowing preparation to work for 10 minutes.

Moi review

my eyes felt so refreshed and rejuvenating!
i noticed the dullness on around my eyes have disappeared!
do note that this eye care is not meant to get rid of dark circles, it’s more for the tiring eyes and puffy eyes.
i like it very much and most probably will buy again! the bottle which i bought was a 5ml travel-sized, cost SGD7. i bought mine at Tangs Orchard.



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