Bedok 85

Bedok 85

many months ago, one lovely reader actually shared with me that there was a 3rd stall selling bedok 85 bah coh mee at Feng Shan Market. i finally had a try this evening! yes, the taste was almost the same (darling and i couldn’t tell the difference) as the other two stalls infront of the market! the "qq-ness" of the noodle and the soup taste were exactly the same! this is a great alternative stall to buy when the other two stalls are having long queue! this stall was actually located behind, and was beside a stall selling SGD0.90pc chicken wings! can you believe it, 90-cent chicken wing! perhaps this is the cheapest chicken wing at Bedok 85! ^.^

oopsie, so sorry, i had forgotten to take a pic of the bah coh mee because i was indulging in it! hehe!
anyway, it looked exactly the same as the one from the other two stalls.

i am sorry i couldn’t remember who you are, but thanks for the recommendation ya!
your recommendation has really helps in in reducing the waiting time for the bah coh mee to arrive at my table! =D


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