Guerlain Success Future Wrinkle Minimizer Workshop

Guerlain Success Future Wrinkle Minimizer Workshop

Went to attend the above workshop and learnt lotsa skincare tips!

we were taught how to massage the skincare products onto our face and body!
correct directions are important, if not will give us more wrinkles!
love the layout of the workshop, felt comfy!
everything which we need were provided to us.
after an introduction, we started our skincare regime, live demonstration on ourselves.
of course, those (me!) who were not comfortable to remove makeup, could try the products on their hands instead of face. as i was to go out after the event, i didn’t want to remove my makeup. =(

we were given a try on their moisturizer, but oopsie, so sorry, i forgot to take the pics!

after the face moisturizer, we went to the eye care.

we taught how and where we should apply the body cream. tried applying on the legs, feel so relaxed~
can be applied on the underarms, help in firming! not to forget tummy! =D

here’s the doorgift we were given. i was hoping for the samples of this Success Future range though.
(i thought i heard we could go home and try… =X)


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