Moi Loots For Christmas Arrived!

Moi Loots For Christmas Arrived!

i want to scream! lol! reached home today seeing parcels on the table made me so excited, always!
the thrill of online shopping eh!



spent less than SGD20 (including shipping from US to SG) for these pretties! but i am blur lor, previously i actually bought one Smudge Eye Sponge and this time this sponge is included in the Bold Black set but i didn’t notice during purchase! the stuff were so cheap that i just picked what i wanted, didn’t even really take a good look at the items. -.-

and that’s not all, i received my floral earrings from Myntloves!

but i was so careless, during tearing the plastic sheet, i dropped the earrings onto the table and saw the studs came off from the flower! sob sob!

does anyone know how can i stick them back? i am worried that the normal super glue will "eat" the flower.


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