What’s wrong with women?

What’s Wrong With Women?

leave me out from your topics from your mouth, fakers!

bitching, gossips, backstabbed ended the moment i graduated from Secondary School.
i have been in mingling with guys ever since the longest time when i found my main interest in engineering.
went straight into the engineering field and yes, majority of the gender was male.
less bitches, less gossips, less backstabs, and i came to realised that’s because of the less women!
my world was very well-protected, hardly any evil people stepped into my world.
and of course i felt good, life was peaceful. no one was selfish and proud, everyone shared and was helpful.
no faker, no bitch! and so i never regretted to join the engineering field despite the small population of women!
but now i am starting to meet more and more fakers! not in real life, but in the forum~
initially i wasn’t into forum or internet at all.
and by chance i joined CozyCot and i got addicted. despite having so many ladies in discussions, things were still peaceful and everyone was still friendly. i made a few friends in the forum and our friendship got stronger than before. and i thought, okay things (referring to bitching and fakers) were not as bad as i thought.
i thought that was a nice place where i could hang out whenever i was home alone.
however things changed towards end of last year.. so many gossips among one another, lotsa secretive gossips which some didn’t want to say but yet still tried to ‘hint’ openly, making everyone paranoid.
busybodies would want to find out more and tried to dig out more details, words spread and God knows what the stories ended up like.
i didn’t give a heck on that and carried on with my favourite threads.
it is now almost two years since i joined CozyCot and i have come to realize, the gossipers got worse and worse, more and more. (and i begin to find myself becoming one of them!! dammit!)
those whom i thought as genuine friends, might not be that genuine afterall.
they can be like friendly infront of me, but the moment i turned my back at them, they could be getting their knives ready.
this is one of the kind of people whom i hated the most. (i am trying to avoid the gossips before i am starting to hate myself as well)
if you don’t like me, you don’t even have to reply me in the forum.
trying to give people the impression you are still helpful?
or trying to be someone who is popular by everyone?
you don’t have to force yourself to ‘entertain’ me with your ‘helpfulness’ followed by a rant.
you can comment my doings straight in my face, but yet behind my back ranting away, 50% hoping no one will know, another 50% hoping someone will know and inform me?? of course no one has the rights to stop you, it just tells me what kind of person you are, that’s all, and i will refrain myself from involving with you too much. it will also make me feel stupid to talk nicely to someone who hates me behind my back!
perhaps a world with so many women together, is not peaceful afterall, even if it is just an online thingy~
how nice it will be to go back to the times in 2008, really miss those regulars whom i have met…
to ask me to stop cotting is not possible at the moment, i still want to be updated with other stuff in the forum.
but it’s just these small people (learnt this word from a nice lady) who really took away the coziness in the forum!

be nice to me, and i’ll be double nice to you.
to those who are fake to me, i wish you can just leave my world, you don’t even have to smile at me when you happen to see me again.
it’ll be better anyway, rather than carry on with your fake friendliness~


31 thoughts on “What’s wrong with women?

  1. wa tiffy dear, you sound very upset! relax relax! after all forums are like that, have to take everything with a pinch of salt!! just go there to keep yourself updated and informed on the things u’re interested in, and dont have to bother with the rest!

    • ya, kinda disappointed.
      this is my first forum and i thought everyone was nice and sincere. it’s scary talking to someone whom i won’t know how much she is hating me. but yes, i agree with you, i must really learn to take everything with a pinch of salt!
      thanks girl!

  2. smile 🙂
    hey girl, dont sweat over such people. they’re probably jealous about your achievements in Cozycot and will take every opportunity to criticize or backstab you.
    I come from an industry myself where people are downright cold and superficial and sometimes turning to Cozycot reminds me that kind and helpful people are still around! Continue with what you believe in babe!

    • Re: smile 🙂
      achievements in COzyCot? lol!! that will be so ridiculous if it’s going to be the real reason.
      perhaps i have yet to meet the most notorious people hence i got myself easily affected by such minor people.
      i think i will die faster if i am thrown into your industry. -.-”
      nice to know that there are still kind and helpful people around, thanks!

  3. =/
    what happened =/
    Not a cozycot regular, so did get invovled in those conflicts.
    But I do see many sensitive women on the forum thou. – jealous over someone when they have better deals..etc etc (too many to be mentioned)

    • Re: =/
      i guess that explains why there is no peace when a large group of women gets together for too long! women (including myself) are over-sensitive creatures!
      and it’s good that you are not so much addicted to the forum, less conflicts really!

  4. babe, asd here..
    your post today is the main reason why i died down from cc already..
    don’t let these people get on ur nerves..not worth getting worked up / wrinkles cause of them..

    • haven’t seen you around for so long!! i miss the times we had in 2008! i hope you are doing well..
      i am still trying to survive because of the information i want to read in the forum.
      i didn’t know you were one of the ‘victims’ too…
      my wrinkles… sob sob

      • asd again..
        let’s just say that it’s not a matter of whether i’m a victim anot..just that i’ve seen some true colours of people from there..a lesson well learnt, though it meant that i’ve a friend less..
        meet up soon? i ask xuan to go and organise..KTV k? I got sudden crave for KTV, though I croak most of the times..Haha!

  5. *hugs* not sure what happened, but there are all sort of funny people around and the mouth belongs to them – we can’t do anything.
    i have been very careful with the words and people i know through online. is very rare for me to know friends here as well. (you are one of the rare one *winks* hehe )
    something happened to me a couple of years back through forum – i did not post pics of myself, neither did i mention my name, where i working and who is bf/frens…yet i have a online stalker who managed to find out about me and he/she went to tell things behind my back to my bf – it was long story but it was so nasty and from that day onwards i never talk about personal things online.
    even now when i shared this with you..i wonder will the stalker found it?! i so paranoid right?
    well…what i am trying to bring across is that, bitching/gossiping/backstabbing happens anywhere..we can’t avoid.
    lastly, i will still love to see you around at cozycot and here =)

    • i haven’t really get to see a lot of gossips and bitching around me, SO said i am just lucky that most of the people i met are nice.
      and i am so naive to think most of us will be kind too, especially it is only a forum where we just want to help and share.
      after sometime, i realized the forum is getting less cozy and yes, i should be more careful with my words and people in the forum, God knows how many people i have offended and these people are laughing behind my back.
      i hope your stalker is gone for good! it is so ridiculous to stalk someone in the forum. i have a stalker too actually, it is my SO. -.-”
      he doesn’t understand why i want to cot everyday and tried to view my posts in the forum to see what i have been posting. o.o
      thanks for your consoling words, you are also one of the kind ones whom i have met in the forum. =D

  6. I agree with you too. I have been in CC since 2006 and it’s only recently all this start to surface and really making it such an unpleasant place. And yes, i am quite ashamed to say that sometimes i partake in the gossips too. These days i prefer to just read and see what’s going on that’s all.
    Smile girl. Dont let these people bring you down! So not worth it!!

  7. hey! cheer up and dont be so upset please! i hardly post in the forum but that’s partly because im lazy and somehow or another there will be people that we dislike alot and obviously i can sense animosity between certain ppl.
    im not sure what happened too, but then when ppl backstabs or says a thing but do another we can’t just help it but to keep quiet cause afterall its an online ‘facade’ of girls. of course there are really nice girls who are who they really are and its really obvious and there are people are just blatantly trying to suck up i have no idea why.
    but all in all, we can’t help the true nature of the girls, only thing is to stay away from those ppl as much as possible ya 🙂

    • thanks for your advice girl. =)
      what you’ve said are quite true. i guess i must learn to take things easily and try not to get easily affected by the bad people.
      i do remember your nick though you hardly post. =D
      you sound nice too!

  8. I saw my nameeeeee. Hehe. Xuan here. Who who??? I also must beware of that person. Email meeeee. Anyway I also died down abit le. No time plus now doesn’t seems to me it is a MUST to cot. Ya kinda miss those old cotters like asd jie. Sigh.

    • hi!
      i can’t mention the name yet because her message doesn’t really state my name, she can easily defend she is not pointing at me.
      so i see no point ‘announcing’ her.
      we should really hang out soon!

  9. heys babe, I know what you meant =x somehow the newer gen of cotters are different from those in 2008. hardly comment anymore as i used to, more of a reader ‘cos I realised every word i type has be to cautiously thought of =x not ‘cozy’cot anymore. STILL, dont go away from CC kays! =) love sharing information with you or rather, exchanging information with you!
    xoxo SMILE DEAR 😀

    • thanks girl!!
      it’s good that at least there are still some nice ones (you are one of them) around! i am so into skincare right now, can’t stop myself from posting in the skincare section. i can only say maybe i will be less active in the clothes section because the thread is really getting boring to me. there are times i read until i want to fall asleep.
      i don’t even want to go to the rant thread anymore because it’s making me paranoid.
      i wonder if i will become a silent reader one day! haha!

      • oh yes skin care, i’m more into skincare than clothes now 😛 even my mom agrees that skincare more important. rants thread can be so sensitive > <

      • ooh! you’re another skincare addict! haha!
        metro sale is on the this weekend, time to stock up! =D
        yah, the rant thread, having lotsa sensitive issues.
        i haven’t been going there for awhile, even if i go, i tell myself not to read but to just post my rant and go!

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